Here at DreamChaser Collies and Poms, my love affair with collies began in 1997 when I began learning more about this magnificent breed and acquired my first pair to breed. I bred collies from 1997 until 2008. Due to life circumstances, I had to stop breeding and place my Collies into loving homes. My love for Collies did not diminish and I was truly heartbroken to place my babies, but I knew it was best for everyone. Between 2008 and 2016, I studied Collie health and genetics so I would be able to eventually reach for my dream again. In 2016, I began searching for new bloodlines and began preparing to breed again. My goal is to produce genetically sound Collies with the correct conformation, temperament, and intelligence. While I am not a "Show Kennel" I have been blessed to have some of my Collies compete successfully in conformation shows and earn championships.

DreamChaser's first Pomeranian came in December of 2015 and I instantly fell in love with the breed!! My Poms are very happy-go-lucky and enjoy spending their time playing together in the house. While DreamChaser is not actively breeding Poms, there are puppies on occasion. Many of my Poms are spayed or neutered and remain with me.

My dogs are first and foremost my companions, although I strive for correctness according to the breed standards, my Collies and Pomeranians are my heart and live in my home with me and my family.


Past Collies that DreamChaser has loved throughout the years...